Tuesday, January 1, 2008


(Photo by Jim Jeter)
Yosemite Falls - Third highest in World.

Every Beginning has a ‘Then’

We have just completed the year of 2007 which brought an end to what started just 365 days ago. All of us can look back and see good and bad but all of us would agree how it flew by.

Now 2008 is here and it will be just as short so make all the days count for right.

It has been 23 years ago that the event I will share with you today happened, but it seems like yesterday to me.

I’ve never been one who allowed closeness with many. One such person was nearly 15 years younger than me. This may have been true of him toward me also since I was one of a few with whom he shared a closeness.

We had opportunity to spend many times together in Bible conferences, revivals, leadership meetings, and other denominational gatherings. He and I had another thing in common in that we began to preach at an early age. He at 12 and I at 17. However, his tenure ended at his death three months after his 35th birthday and I am still going at 70.

I remember while we were both speaking at the California Christian College in Fresno , we visited the Yosemite National Park . My friend was so overwhelmed by the beauty that he continued all that day repeating. “I just can’t believe it…just can’t believe it!!!”

Then May 22, 1985 changed everything. At just over are 35 he departed to bask in the sunlight of Heaven. To walk on golden streets. To gaze upon the ineffable glories that surrounds him—Forever!

In my imagination I see him lost in the wonder and admiration of the heavenly glories, surveying the unutterable wonders of his saviour.

On earth he often was insecure, but always was secure in preaching about the Old and New Testament saints. Today he pleasures with them as the new boy down the street.

Someone once told me a friend is a person to whom you do not have to explain anything. He was one for me. Few have ever met with such a lost -- for few ever had such a friend to lose. I did!

On the morning of his funeral God gave me this tribute to such a friend:

It is not for us to ask "WHY?" but rather "WHEN?"
Since each of us will depart so prepare for "THEN."

The Question is "WHERE" is our spirit going
With full assurance in Christ - Knowing.

For Life exists in the Father's Son
And only in Him is earth's victory won.

Our beloved Lord who still lives today,
Preached of the end with the power to sway.

He never promoted the "WHY" But preached about "WHEN"
So all of His followers would go "THERE" when it came to "THEN."

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
Hebrews 9:27

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