Thursday, March 27, 2008


Banff Springs, Canada is eternally beautiful

My wife and I spent our 30th wedding anniversary at the famous Banff Springs Hotel and then again our 39th celebration at a Bed and Breakfast in the same area. We have been impressed with the beauty of the area every time we have visited there.

At our 30th at the Banff Springs Hotel the maid from housekeeping learned it was our anniversary and reported it to management. That night when we returned to our room we immediately spotted an outstandingly beautiful arrangement of 30 long stem roses near our bed. The aroma perfumed the whole room. (For you guys that buy roses you know the hotel made very little on us that night.)

Four national parks surround this region so our stay here proved to be exciting with lakes full of mountain water rushing rapidly from many directions and with water falls at many levels. What a unique part of the world.

Besides the turquoise colored lakes, wild animals were found in every direction one would drive. Elk, moose, fox, wolf, mountain sheep, ram and bear were to be seen everywhere.

The beautiful Bow River neatly meanders within the mountain ranges darting from one direction to another and a wide falls could be seen from our hotel room and then directs itself into a 90% turn from the hotel and spreads itself between mountains disappearing in less than three miles. It was here that “The River of No Return” was filmed. From our window one could make a day of just watching animals wading or crossing the river. Views like these were everywhere you turned.

Just a few minutes away one could take a cable car hundreds of feet onto a high vantage point above most of the area. While a bit scary, it was worth the trip to view the terrain on all sides. Only God could have made it so glorious.

The only thing that exceeded the area was my wife of 30 years, from whose beauty could be found internally as well as outwardly. Our marriage has been better due to the person she is. We loved it so much that we returned again 9 years later. This year we will celebrate 50 years together and she has not changed.

Deut. 8:7
“For the Lord thy God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills; “

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