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Across the table sat the famed Scottish preacher and author, George B. Duncan, whose ministry has spanned the globe. For more than 51 years he had pastored in Wortking, Carlise, Edinburg, and Cochfasters, Scotland, before retirement in 1977. But his ministry has continued in his lectures and books around the world.

The seventy-six year old Anglican preacher, born in India of missionary parents, is widely known for his writings; and to ministers, who have followed the Keswick speakers, have read nearly every morsel of this unique man's books.

I was privileged to be sitting, listening, and sharing, with such a man. It didn't take me long to put away any bias I may have had, because flowing from this man was a fervor of kindness, meekness, and humility; that I had seen in so few.

No longer was I just interested in how he structured his sermons or prepared those addresses. I wanted to find out how he had become the saint he appeared.

While others were sharing what they were doing or had accomplished, I just wanted the small talk to end and just to feast on the endless experiences he had obtained while walking through the Book beside the Lord Jesus.

In the course of my ministry, I have met many outstanding and dedicated men, but never was I as intoxicated by the love this one had for Christ. The words and outlines others were longing for had been replaced by the single theme that was a reflection of the speaker's life.

It was not mere words carefully alliterated and ably acted out, but the actual presentation of Christ in him being portrayed before us.

The wonder of the message in John 1:12 had truly come to reality. "And we beheld His glory. The Glory of the only begotten" What John saw in Christ was God and what I saw in this man was Christ.

I returned home after two days and nights having shared with one of God's greatest servants of our day. Not wanting just to be a better spokesman of His message, but to allow Him to live through me. Col. 1:27 “To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

"Christ in me the hope of Glory,"
has new meaning.

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