Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cape of Saint Luke

Cabo San Lucas
The scenic and rugged coastline definitely was impressive to me as we approached this beautiful area.
The high stone formations carved out by centuries of sea surfs have formed unusual sites including the beautiful arch which made this resort area so inviting. I can understand why people come here to this beautiful place. Most of the pictures that I saw in my research of this place did not bring the beauty out causing me to be surprised beyond my expectation.
Cabo San Lucas is known for its white sandy beaches, several world-class Scuba diving locations, and the distinctive sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas. As a result, Cabo San Lucas has become a high-end holiday destination with a number of resorts along the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The word cabo means cape in English and San Lucas is the Spanish name for Saint Luke.
I was amazed at how large many of the hotels and resorts were and the newness of the area.
Boarding a tender we took about a 30 minute ride to the marina where we disembarked. Here we viewed the many military and policemen whose presence was quite obvious. I suppose this was due to the fact that the drug lords in Mexico have been very active in capturing tourist for their purposes.
After walking around the area and shopping in some of the stores, we decided to go into the town. Because it was so hot there were men who had bicycles especially made with carriages with overhead canopies they pull behind that one could rent. After traveling for nearly a mile, we arrived in the shopping area of the village where we entered into many of the shops and a pharmacy for some cheap medicine. Afterwards we boarded another of these carriages back to the area where we would reload the tender to the ship.
At the tip of Mexico’s 1,000-mile long Baja California peninsula, the longest in the world, Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo is one of the destinations with a perfect combination of great weather, exotic and spectacular scenery.
Cabo San Lucas was certainly where the sea, sun and desert joined to cast an air of mystery for me. Cabo was once a tranquil fishing village and, in times long ago, a hangout for pirates. Although no longer the fishing village of old and not many of the pirates are seen around town any more, the magic of Cabo remains.
I also found out that Cabo San Lucas offers some of the world’s best golf and sport fishing with many championship golf courses and some of the best marlin tournaments in the world.
The Baja California peninsula is a peninsula in western Mexico. It extends some 775 miles from Mexicali, Baja California, in the north to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, in the south, separating the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. There are four main desert areas on the peninsula: the San Felipe Desert, the Central Coast Desert, the Vizcaíno Desert and the Magdalena Plain Desert.
All in all this was a very beautiful place to visit, and it would’ve been more enjoyable if the heat had not been so elevated. I must admit that from the ship the views of this unique area were very impressive. I took countless photographs as memories of our visit to this area. In fact, I returned home with nearly 1,600 pictures of the places we visited. I only wish that our health and physical condition would have allowed us to have seen more of the area, but we were just happy to take our first trip in nearly 5 years abroad.
“And they departed into a desert place by ship privately.” -- Mark 6:32-33

Dr. Alton Loveless is the former CEO/President of Randall House Publications, Nashville, Tn.; He is a freelance writer and has written for assorted publications printed both nationally and internationally.

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