Sunday, September 30, 2007


Lake Lugano is not just for the rich and famous

One of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland and northern Italy is Lake Lugano which is both a lake and city where many of the rich and famous of Europe spent their holidays.

We had been to various cities in Italy and had headed to Switzerland for a few days. We stopped at Lugano to eat, shop and sightsee. After walking a long piece beside the water we observed wind-surfing, motor boating, and skiing until my wife said let go do some shopping. Well, the shops on the main road were the expensive Paris shops filled with wares and clothes not worn by my wife. So we directed ourselves into the back and side streets where we found things more to our liking. After deciding on a few souvenirs we entered a quaint little café where the food was very tasty and good.

Then we resumed our trip northward into the new St. Gotthard’s pass tunnel on the border of the two countries. It is one of the longest in the area at 10 miles long. This new route shorten the time by a couple hours from the old road that went over the mountains and down through beautiful valleys.

We have been through a number of long tunnels but this one was pretty freaky since a head-on crash in the tunnel killed 11 people and closed the tunnel for months.

We miss the beauty of the mountain road but the time difference is worth taking the tunnel.

Deut. 2:3
“Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward.”

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