Sunday, November 16, 2008


Snow storm in Colorado Springs

Not all my traveling has met with pleasure. One such trip was to a meeting, along with our Editor-in-Chief, when we were invited to Colorado Springs, Colorado. This city is scattered in a beautiful valley stately guarded by the dominance of Pike’s Peak which towers over 14,000 feet.

The host organization had put us in a new, and very nice, motel that was just off the interstate. My first thoughts were, “This is great being able to get on the highway without any difficulty.” The sun began to hide early beyond the high mountain in the west, so I departed from the lobby to my room to gaze out the wide window and watch the handiwork of this majestic view. As the sun set, dark rolling clouds began to move in. I watched with disbelief that things could change so fast. While sitting there I heard freezing rain on the windows which soon was followed by very large snow flakes. I was mystified by this since I had not seen snow like this in years.

Since the day had been long, and the darkness occupied my thoughts, I was soon put to sleep where I lay for a number of hours in my dim lighted room. However, the darkness was now brightened as the sun burst through the blue morning sky which had been cleaned by the snow of the previous evening. Being an early riser I headed, as I do every morning, to the bathroom to shave and shower. After the morning ritual I slipped into a suit and readied for the day scheduled. However, before I opened the door to go to breakfast, I went to the window and with amazement could not even see my rental car or any others since they were under about 8 or 9 feet of snow. The highway was dead still and there was no activity anywhere. This suddenly sobered my dull sleepiness and I was made aware that my day activities would be changed.

At the desk the clerk advised that the day crew could not get to work and even if they were permitted on the highway they would not be able to get to the motel since the access road was filled with blowing snow and was probably 16 or so feet deep filling completely under the overpass bridge.

Well, the next week was spent in a motel that used up all their breakfast food in three days. However, they had gotten dough from a pizza shop directly across their parking lot left from the night of the snow. They provided this and the motel made biscuits from pizza dough until it was gone. I never thought I would like pizza biscuits, but when you are hungry most things suffice. Beds went unchanged unless you changed your own. Thanks to a demanding mom from my youth I was able to do a good change. Vacuum the floor and even wash towels. Teamwork became our mainstay.

The snow took a few days to allow cars to move, but then the backup of air flights became my next nightmare. Everyone was doing all they could to accommodate, but schedules were full and our time was governed by others. I was glad I had learned patience early in life.

Colorado Springs is one of my favorite towns, but as I finally was given a ticket to depart I looked out my airplane window with, “I hope I don’t see you again for a while. Enough is enough!”

“ And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope:,” -- Romans 5:3-4

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