Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coffee Time


I like coffee. So everywhere I go, you will find me in a coffee shop or café enjoying a brew of this terrible mix. Often, I have remarked that I don’t know why I drink coffee because it stains my teeth, gives one a bad breath, and often heartburn. But a cup or two seems to jump start my day.

I remember my first espresso in St. Mortiz, Switzerland, a Cappuccino in Vienna, and a coffee latté in Italy. These firsts, however, did not convert me to those tastes.

A Greek coffee in Athens in a small cup tasted more like mud and my first cup in Cuba was like drinking three-fourths a cup of sugar, because all they had after shipping everything to Russia was the green beans that were left. What a bitter taste!!

In Brazil the coffee was quite good, especially near the regions where it was grown and ground, and in London the espresso was fair, but you had to wash out the grounds from your teeth. Then the down when the caffeine begins to leave. The lows were terrible.

There were places where I have sat and enjoyed the aroma of the coffee brewing or while of sipped a swallow at a time. One place I had that experience was on the island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea as I people watched and relaxed before the next walk through the narrow streets between the businesses and houses.

Today, here at home, most of my mornings start with a brew at McDonalds with a bottomless senior cup for .75 cents. Sure hard to beat it unless you try the gourmet coffee at the Oasis bookstore on Columbia street. It is a great place to enjoy a cup and browse a book while sitting in a nice seating area for just that purpose. Or if you are computer driven bring your laptop to Bauhaus Kaffeé where their Wi-Fi allows you to both, surf the internet, or enjoy as many as four great coffee blends each morning. In a hurry, Espresso-to-Go gives you great taste with enjoyable brews as well. While banking at Belgrade or just dropping by, enjoy Seattle’s best in their coffee nook.

Well, as I have aged my doctor tells me to change from caffeinated to decaffeinate and the taste is equal today and better for me. Hmmm! I do fudge on his suggestion from time to time just to enjoy another taste.

Maybe God will forgive my vice, because it is not an addiction but a pleasure I have enjoyed since my first instant coffee as a kid. I am glad it got better.

“For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.” -- Romans 14:17

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