Sunday, March 7, 2010

When is Paris see the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Every time I have been to Paris I made sure that we would go the Eiffel Tower. The first time we took the elevator up to the first level, which is a very large level with an extremely good view in every direction. The next time that I visited; I went to the very top, which is extremely difficult to get to because the crowds wanting on the elevator make it hard to get on at any given time. I found a long time ago that many times people do not wait in line at tourist attractions and therefore they will push in front of you. This has happened to me every time I have been at the Eiffel Tower.

In any case, it is worth the trip.

Few things symbolize Paris and France like this monument. In fact, the Eiffel Tower is the best-known monument in all of Europe. You don’t have to visit the Eiffel Tower to see it. You can get a sight at this architectural master piece anywhere in the center of Paris.

The first floor displays the history of the Eiffel Tower. You can dine at the Altitude 95 restaurant which is always well visited. I would recommend that you order a table in advance. However, visitors come more for the view than the food.

The second floor is mainly consisted of the Jules Verne, which is one of the most recognized and eminent restaurants in Paris.

To reach this restaurant you have to take a special elevator. Even here it is best to order a table in advance to enjoy the magnificent cuisine. The prices are among the highest in all of Paris. It should also be noted that both levels have souvenir shops and now Internet kiosks.

At the top, you could get a nice view of the city. Because is so high-up, though, it can be difficult to make things out. Across the River Seine you can see the Trocadero gardens.

The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated the 31 march of 1889 as the entrance arch of the Exposition Universelle. It was a marking to the centennial celebration of the French revolution. Since the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower it has been more than 220 million visitors.

I would recommend that you would take your binoculars with you, in order to get the few loose at a great distance. You can see the Sacra Coeur from this vantage point, the Louvre and the burial spot of Napoleon. Of course this is done only if you have a very clear day with bright sunlight in order to see the greater distance.

“And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.” -- Genesis 11:5

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